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Real Estate: Condos Versus Apartments

Most people aren’t aware of the differences between renting a condo and renting an apartment unless they experience living in both them. The general impression is that condos are are easier to maintain over apartments and have more services available to them. A quick look on condos and apartments will quickly show the differences of […]

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5 Questions To Ask Your Real Estate Lawyer

For those not familiar with the process, real estate transactions can be hard to follow. If you want to buy or sell property, you may need the help of an expert in the field such as a real estate lawyer. At times, a simple deal may not need a real estate lawyer but due to […]

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Purchasing A Residential Or Commercial Property The Right Way

Purchasing a home is an experience of a life-time and one of the most important investments anyone will ever make. Contract bargaining is an aspect of the real estate market that depends on the market itself. Meaning, in a buyers market the power will shift one way while in a sellers market the power will […]

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What To Expect From A Real Estate Lawyer When Buying A Home

A real estate lawyer is involved day to day with the legal aspects of acquiring and selling real property. These attorneys do a lot more than average person thinks. This article will go through some of their essential tasks. It will hopefully shed some light and answer some of the questions on the legal side […]

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Four Factors to Consider Before Purchasing Real Estate Title Insurance

Title insurance is a necessary policy when you buy real estate. It protects you from any losses that may arise from problems with the real estate title. Many property related attorneys provide this service in-house. If your legal representation on a closing also happens to provide title services than you will be able to kill […]

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How Short Sale Lawyers Can Benefit NYC Residents

Did you know you can get lump sum payment for your home even as you face foreclosure? It is your legal right to find the loopholes available to profit off the lien-holders of the piece of real estate in jeopardy. Why does a short sale benefit you more than a going to foreclosure or giving […]

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7 Things A Real Estate Attorney Should Do

Generally speaking, the law can be needlessly complicated due to its vast nature, wording, and terminology. Real estate law is even more complex since so many people aren’t familiar with how the process works and how there is so much bureaucratic red tape to go through. To fully understand real property law, you’d need to […]

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