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Robert Aronov appears in Stanford's "Who's Who" Among Practicing Attorneys. He specializes in Houses, Condos, Coops, Commercial Properties, Buildings, Foreclosures, New Construction, Vacant Land, Short Sales & Leases. Call today for a free consultation.

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Our bankers, expediters, appraisers & inspectors work together to save you thousands on your closing costs. To top it all off we bring you the experience of thousands of successful closings including a $31 Million UN mission purchase for properties in the NYC area.

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We review the Sales Agreements, title reports, Building Department Records, Surveys, Building Plans, franchise taxes, Offering Plans, violations, legality of property structures, judgments, liens, ECBs & much more. Schedule a free consultation at any of 6 locations now.

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Celebrating 18 Years in Business, Robert Aronov & Associates, PC offers a magnitude of real estate legal services. Our attorneys have over 40 collective  years of experience in the real estate industry. With our expertise, we guarantee you a worry free process. Our experienced attorneys will conduct a rigorous due diligence process to make sure the property you purchase is free of any liens, defects, judgements, free of any open violations. For decades, Robert has successfully guided New Yorker's through the process of buying and selling real estate. Trust, experience and a personal approach have all contributed to Robert's widespread reputation as a reliable and effective real estate attorney. From nearly round-the-clock availability, to thorough and patient dealings with clients.

  • Real Estate Closings
  • Contract Of Sale within 1 Hour
  • Late Hour Contracts and Closings
  • Experience in closing over 20,000 deals from Coops to Commercial Buildings
  • Clients ranging from first time buyers to professional investors, realtors, builders and even countries.
  • Most closings are completed within 30 to 45 days.
  • Robert Aronov & Associates have never lost a single down-payment.
  • Closings are completed within 30 to 45 days
  • Commercial Sales/Purchases
  • Residential Transactions
  • Complete Review of Financial Statements of All Condo and Coop Purchases
  • Real Estate Litigation
  • And Much more...
  • Celebrating 18 Years in Business

The Robert Aronov & Associates, PC Difference:

We will work with your Mortgage Representative or Banker to make sure the closing cost is fair and if you need we will negotiate more time for you to obtain your mortgage loan. We will work with your engineer and the broker to negotiate the repairs you request to be included in your contract of sale. We will negotiate a price reduction in the event the appraisal from your bank comes in lower than your purchase price. We will also negotiate a price reduction if we find any code violations or illegal structures and will make sure the Seller ether credits you or establishes a special escrow to correct the violation after closing. We only use title underwriters that are A rated and nationally recognized.

6 New York City Area Offices For Your Convenience:

Robert Aronov & Associates, PC are authorized closing attorneys for Chase Bank, Citibank, Bank of America, Flagstar Bank, Wells Fargo  and many others large NYC financial institutions.Over the last 15 years Robert Aronov & Associates, PC has successfully closed thousands of properties for clients all over the NY Metro area. We are the one stop solution for your entire real estate transaction. From the drafting of the sales agreement to the deed transfer, title review and assignment of the contracts we have you covered. Our attention to detail and years of experience has allowed us to expand our services to over 6 locations in the five boroughs of New York City. We have the experience necessary to handle any commercial or residential property transaction in the city. Schedule a free consultation at our Manhattan, Brooklyn, Long Island, Queens or Westchester office. Robert Aronov & Associates, PC makes purchasing or selling Real Estate in NYC easy.

Understanding Deed Transfers:

Robert Aronov & Associates, PC provides our clients with closings at a flat fee which includes all deed transfer and recording fees. The transfer is the final stage of the closing and will allow you to transfer ownership of the real estate property. The deed contains the names of the buyers and sellers along with a legal description of the property at hand. It is signed by the person transferring the property & the seller's signature must be notarized. A qualified real estate attorney should provide the transfer services as the state law can be very confusing when it comes to transferring a property properly. A warranty deed is the most common type used. It basically guarantees or warranties the buyers purchase. Any liens or defects must be disclosed by the seller. The less common Quitclaim deed is often uses by parties who trust each-other. Here, no promises or claims need to be made about the title. This deed would be used by family members that buy from each-other and trust their are no liens or defects on the real estate property.

Buyers & Sellers Require A Coop Specialist:

One who buys a Co-op is actually just buying shares in a corporation which owns the actual piece of property. The actual Real Estate you will live in is legally yours through a proprietary lease in which your are able to occupy a specific apartment. Taxes repairs, insurances and the such are all payed according to the shares you own directly to this corporation. The board of directors is the group who will approve or deny the sale. Potential purchasers should be ready to provide personal financial information, including one or two years of tax returns and bank statements, as well as personal and business reference letters. There are a lot of tax related laws that go with living in a CO-OP. If you find them overwhelming it may be a good time to call your real estate lawyer. "Flip taxes" and other management related  fees are a common in coops. This tax is imposed by the corporation and is used for building related services. This tax often is in direct relation to the purchase price.  Although uncommon, a flip tax imposed is equal to a certain percentage of profit received by the Seller from the transaction. In conclusion, even on a basic level these CO-OP laws can be confusing. In the five boroughs of  NYC these laws can be really time consuming to understand. Our law firm is accessible at 6 different locations in the five boroughs of New York and Upstate. Call now and schedule appointment with some of the most knowledgeable NYC real estate attorneys to learn everything you need to know about cooperative real estate.

Purchasing A Condominium Has Never Been Easier:

Distinguishing between the ownership of a coop and a condo is crucial when looking to purchase a new apartment. Like a coop, a purchase of a condo includes common areas that are shared by the residents such as hallways & elevators. Beyond the jointly owned common areas they have very little in common. One who purchases a condo has a title to real property & not just stocks in a corporation. The purchaser of a condo unit gets a deed to the apartment being purchased.  The owner is completely responsible for the real estate taxes and mortgage payments. Unlike coops, condominium do not have an underlying mortgage. It is nearly impossible to be rejected by a condo board & the application to the board of managers requires less information. The Board of Managers has the first right of refusal to purchase or lease any condo up for sale or lease but this never really occurs. If a Board of Managers decides to exercise its first right of refusal, it is required to purchase the unit for the same price along with the same terms & conditions upon which the purchaser being rejected agrees to purchase the unit.




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