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What are Co-operative Apartments in New York?

Co-operative apartments are a form of shared housing that is common in New York City. They are often cheaper than the average apartment. Co-operative apartments in the U.S. are built to provide affordable housing for people who are not able to afford rent on their own, while also providing an opportunity to regular people who […]

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What to Know about Rent-to-Own Homes In New York

What is a Rent to Own Home? Purchasing a home in New York is one of the most significant investments that you can make. The goal of Rent to Own Homes is to allow people to purchase homes with less upfront capital by renting for a set period of time before buying. Rent-to-Own programs are […]

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Real Estate Lawyer Near Me: How To Get A Good Estate Attorney In NYC

Signing the dotted lines on a new home is probably the biggest investment you’d ever make in your lifetime. But buying and selling a residential home or a commercial building can be a complex procedure. Real estate deals are always associated with high risks. Mistakes in any transaction can always result in loss of money […]

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Zoning Ordinance Laws in NYC

NYC is divided into zones that regulate how the property inside them can legally be used. Zoning is not visible to most people -- but if you're involved in real estate development, improvement, sales or purchases, you'll almost certainly have to think about zoning issues. Zoning can also be an issue for tenants in lofts […]

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The Right Representation For NYC Real Estate Transactions

Real estate law is a very complex field of law. When you’re either buying or selling a house, make sure you work with a reliable real estate agent who will meet your needs and represent your general as well as legal interests. One of the first things you should ask your realtor is about their […]

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Buying New Construction Condos In Manhattan

Finding Manhattan apartments available for purchase can be quite confusing due to a combination of demand and limited real estate supply,  The market is fast moving and without the right representation it can be difficult to even view new construction as it becomes available, as the desirable property is often sold before you hear about […]

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7 Mistakes Home Buyers Make When Purchasing Real Estate

Mistake #1: A potential home buyer should never rush to put down a deposit. First, think about how long you plan to own the house. What type of market and demand does the home have in terms of selling it down the line. Making a list of pro's and con's and articulating your thoughts on […]

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CEMA in NYC: Save Big On Real Estate Closing Mortgage Taxes

Did you know that there are ways to save thousands on your next purchase or refinance? You can save big whether you are the buyer or the seller. The methods we use to save you money on mortgage taxes are known as consolidation, extension and modification or CEMA. In the state of New York, mortgage […]

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CT Officially Becomes 1st To Accept New ABA Rules: NY Next?

Recently, the State of Connecticut adopted the new rules which modernize the rules on attorney advertising. These rules are meant to simplify litigation advertising for lawyers and consumers. Following this news, it is now expected that more states will follow in Connecticut’s footsteps and adopt these laws as well. These changes were made as a […]

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Sell Your Home In 2019, Not 2020- Here's Why

Hardly any individuals are anticipating that 2019 will be a record breaking year for home costs. In any case, 2019 may be the best time for you to make your home available. Particularly in case you’re going back and forth about selling this year or next, Nick Ron, CEO of House Buyers of America, suggests […]

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