7 Things A Real Estate Attorney Should Do

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Generally speaking, the law can be needlessly complicated due to its vast nature, wording, and terminology. Real estate law is even more complex since so many people aren’t familiar with how the process works and how there is so much bureaucratic red tape to go through. To fully understand real property law, you’d need to get consultation from a law firm that specializes in this field so you can be guaranteed that your legal issues are completely resolved and will never come back to haunt you.


  • What do real property law firms specialize in?
  1. Breaking down and explaining the legal meaning of the documents involved and how they can affect all the included parties.
  2. Negotiating and drafting contracts on your behalf so that the parties included will not have any roadblocks during the entire real estate transaction.
  3. Making sure the client is legally and financially covered should the real estate deal fall through.
  4. Controlling all types of disputes related to real estate  law such as mortgages, foreclosures, escrow, and other issues.
  5. Guiding and advising buyers and sellers to ensure the real estate transaction goes well and without obstacles and delays.
  6. Ensures both parties understand the statute of regulations within real estate law including, but not limited to, FIRPTA, RESPA, 301 Exchanges, etc. and how these regulations affects everybody.
  7. Making sure buyers and sellers understand the legal ramifications of issues involving titles, property conditions, zoning permits, and how all this falls under real estate law.
  • When should you seek out a real estate law firm?

There will be instances where the assistance of professional law firms will not be needed in a transactions. But because of the large reach and complexity of this field of law, there will be several circumstances that makes it in your best interest financially to get the help of a law firm. Here are a few examples of such circumstances:

  1. Going through foreclosure. Foreclosure is difficult and can greatly affect you and your family’s lifestyle and situation. Real estate law firms will work to keep you treated fairly.
  2. Buying or selling property. This is considered a high risk transaction and your law firm will make sure things go smoothly and everything stays legal. You don’t want to be one of the many people who were fooled and bought homes with several violations. Zoning laws are an example of something that you will surely need professional help with.
  3. Handling estate taxes. Real estate law firms will be able to determine everything you owe concerning your yearly real estate tax in depending on your state laws.

Should you ever feel overwhelmed by real estate proceedings, make sure to find a good law firm to handle your case. The time you save and headaches you’ll avoid is well worth the money.