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Zoning Ordinance Laws in NYC

NYC is divided into zones that regulate how the property inside them can legally be used. Zoning is not visible to most people -- but if you're involved in real estate development, improvement, sales or purchases, you'll almost certainly have to think about zoning issues. Zoning can also be an issue for tenants in lofts […]

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The Right Representation For NYC Real Estate Transactions

Real estate law is a very complex field of law. When you’re either buying or selling a house, make sure you work with a reliable real estate agent who will meet your needs and represent your general as well as legal interests. One of the first things you should ask your realtor is about their […]

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Buying New Construction Condos In Manhattan

Finding Manhattan apartments available for purchase can be quite confusing due to a combination of demand and limited real estate supply,  The market is fast moving and without the right representation it can be difficult to even view new construction as it becomes available, as the desirable property is often sold before you hear about […]

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7 Mistakes Home Buyers Make When Purchasing Real Estate

Mistake #1: A potential home buyer should never rush to put down a deposit. First, think about how long you plan to own the house. What type of market and demand does the home have in terms of selling it down the line. Making a list of pro's and con's and articulating your thoughts on […]

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What Does A Real Estate Lawyer in NYC Do For You?

Some people are the types who want to take care of everything by themselves. “If you want a job done right, better do it yourself!” – is usually only valid if you specialize in that job. When it comes to handling real estate, it’s best to leave it to the professionals. You may wonder what […]

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Purchasing A Residential Or Commercial Property The Right Way

Purchasing a home is an experience of a life-time and one of the most important investments anyone will ever make. Contract bargaining is an aspect of the real estate market that depends on the market itself. Meaning, in a buyers market the power will shift one way while in a sellers market the power will […]

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What To Expect From A Real Estate Lawyer When Buying A Home

A real estate lawyer is involved day to day with the legal aspects of acquiring and selling real property. These attorneys do a lot more than average person thinks. This article will go through some of their essential tasks. It will hopefully shed some light and answer some of the questions on the legal side […]

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