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Do I Need a Real Estate Attorney in Queens & NYC?

You might be wondering, “what can a real estate attorney do for me that I can’t already do for myself with a little bit of research?” The thing is, there are a lot of services they can offer you which can’t be so easily handled on your own. Real Estate Attorneys don’t just offer lip service and knowledge, they also provide a lot of services such as documenting and reviewing transactions which include buying, renting, appraising, and inspecting property. They can also help you resolve claims with insurance or problems with your property’s environment. They can also defend you in court with lawsuits involving your property. So else what can a real estate attorney do for you?

Provide Documentation

A lawyer will draft documents in accordance to the law in your area. They may help create contracts for purchases, leases, finance, estate planning, and other transactions. It is integral to their job that they help clients properly clear paperwork and only licensed attorneys who are experienced in the law can draft, revise, and finalize the paperwork.


This is where experience really counts. A good attorney will get you the best deal for your property and will help you set terms and conditions for your deals so that you won’t get the short end of the stick when things go wrong. Often times this involves other parties such as other lawyers, develops, brokers, and maybe even investors.

Give Legal Advice

An experienced real estate attorney will never let you down. There are those who specialize in reviewing contracts and terms for real estate deals. You can go to a lawyer for reviewing the contents of a contract, whether it’s one prepared by yourself or presented to you, they can look over it and inform them of any loopholes, disadvantages, or other things they can put into it to make things work in your favor. They can also spot and legal issues contained in the title, consider other reports involved such as environmental factors, additional contracts, or other issues. They are trained to find things which are not noticeable to laymen.

Defend You in Court

If a property transaction does not go well and courts are involved, you will need a lawyer to represent your case to have a better chance of winning. The lawyer will know what documentation they will need to procure, file it with the judge, begin the appeals, and bargain with the opposing lawyer in your place to work out a settlement, and even participate on your behalf for the legal hearings and court procedures.

Handling Mortgages and Trust Foreclosures

There are lawyers specifically trained for this purpose and they are very active during turbulent economic times. Sometimes these lawyers represent the borrower, other times the lender. Depending on which side you’re on, they give different services. As the lender, they will guide them through the foreclosure progress, if you are the borrower, they will look for mistakes in the process, and negotiate for a settlement to prevent the foreclosure.

There are many services a lawyer can provide for you. If you are uncertain whether you need one or not, many of them are willing to provide free consultation and you can decide from there if you would like to avail of their services or not. There is a lot of responsibility that comes with this branch of the law and with closing contracts on real estate. It never hurts to go inquire with one!

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