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With Robert Aronov & Associates, PC your Real Property transaction is covered fullest extent of the law.
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If you are looking for legal services related to real estate, foreclosures, mortgages, banking, loan modification and short sales you have came to the right place. Robert Aronov & Associates, PC has successfully closed thousands of Real Estate transactions in the greater New York area. Amongst them are everything from small residential homes to commercial buildings. We have worked for some of the biggest real estate development companies as well as the UN mission counsel. Learn more about our clients today.

Robert Aronov & Associates, PC operate out of 2 offices in the Brooklyn area. You can call us today (718) 407-4526 and schedule an appointment at:

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Your Personal Real Estate Lawyer In Brooklyn:

Whether you are looking to close on a residential home or a commercial building we can help. We have years of experience representing buyers and sellers of any property imaginable. Our closing process spares no details and will allow you to sleep easy at night as you will never run into any legal issues in the future. We save you money bye using a personal network of title and banking services that lower your closing costs.


Don't let your bank bully you around and let our loan experts help you avoid foreclosure . The last thing any bank wants is to sell your house and lose your mortgage payments. A good attorney can help modify your loan and provide you with a road map that will allow you to regain your financial freedom. We have years of experience in the loan modification field and have saved our clients millions of dollars.


When it comes to legal issues that are involved in banking Robert Aronov & Associates, PC knows what it takes. We have worked with many national lenders on retail and corporate level. Loan officers and banks alike have used our services for many years. Some of our approved lenders include Chase, Citi Mortgage, Delta Funding, BNC and more. Our banking attorneys are available for a free consultation and ready you help you.


When it comes to mortgages the legal issues that can arise are endless. Our firm represents buyers, sellers and issuers of mortgages for any sort of property. We have helped buyers overcome issues related to commissions, fraud and failure to disclose claims. We have helped sellers and other financial companies with legal issues such as challenges to professional licenses, misrepresentation by clients as well as discrimination. Speak with a mortgage attorney today and stay in the know.

If you are looking for a professional company that has seen it all and will provide you with the highest level of quality call us today. If you are looking for flat free pricing from an attorney that has a cost saving network then call us today. If you to speak to a call us today and set up a free consultation.

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