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Buying Your First Home in NYC: What To Know

Purchasing your first house is no small task. Many times, people rush too fast into becoming homeowners because it’s seen as a sign of maturing and being financially independent. But becoming the owner of a home is a big commitment, there is no guarantee that you’re making a good investment, and it’s a very tiresome process. […]

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 New Rent Reform Laws in NYC Stirs Trouble For The Real Estate Industry

With new legislation passing in New York, tenants of rent regulated apartments throughout NY will be benefiting from new protections due to a landmark bill that amended the rent laws. The Real Estate industry has been opposing this bill for a long time and it will have a negative effect on them. Governor Cuomo said […]

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Coronavirus Hits The New York Retail Real Estate Market

No cap, the coronavirus pandemic has eaten deep into the root of the world’s economy. The New York retail real estate market is no exception. This doesn’t come as a surprise. With the majority of New Yorkers staying indoors due to the nationwide lock down, the general economy has taken an ugly blow resulting in […]

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You’ve found the perfect commercial property and are happy with the rent, but don’t ever sign anything until you’ve had a lawyer look at the document! It’s tempting to skip that step to fast-track the process, but a commercial real estate lease lawyer can save you a lot of stress, money and legal headaches. Here […]

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Real Estate Breach Of Contracts Law: Returning A Down Payment

Of Real Estate Contracts and Return of the Down Payments: What You Need To Understand Beforehand The steep rise in the value of commercial and residential real estate properties in the recent past has led to a concomitant upsurge in cases involving down payments. Litigation arises typically when the previously smooth and amicable transaction turns […]

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Minimalism in real estate: Watch Out For Zoning Laws

Minimalism in real estate:   Where does minimalism come into real estate? In Japan, there is a new space conserving idea called minimalism. This is a new trend to save space. You can surf the web and see photographs, videos and articles, even books about minimalism. People are thinking up really interesting ways to conserve […]

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Real Estate Law 102: Commercial Leases

In order to operate a store or business we must first have a location. Walking through any shopping center we see dozens of stores that are renting this location. Sometimes we see them come and go, replacing one another. The commercial leasing market is a massive market, and each lease is something in and of […]

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Real Estate Litigation and Partition Disputes

Have you and an acquaintance ever thought about investing in real estate? Have you ever pooled a shared amount of funds for certain property, but came to a disagreement and had to go separate ways? Well if so, you will likely encounter some problems settling that shared property. With experience and an acceptable amount of […]

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What Does A Real Estate Lawyer in NYC Do For You?

Some people are the types who want to take care of everything by themselves. “If you want a job done right, better do it yourself!” – is usually only valid if you specialize in that job. When it comes to handling real estate, it’s best to leave it to the professionals. You may wonder what […]

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Do I Need a Real Estate Attorney in Queens & NYC?

You might be wondering, “what can a real estate attorney do for me that I can’t already do for myself with a little bit of research?” The thing is, there are a lot of services they can offer you which can’t be so easily handled on your own. Real Estate Attorneys don’t just offer lip […]

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