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  • Experience in closing over 20,000 deals from Coops to Commercial Buildings
  • Clients ranging from first time buyers to professional investors, realtors, builders and even countries.
  • Most closings are completed within 30 to 45 days.
  • Robert Aronov & Associates have never lost a single down-payment.
  • Closings are completed within 30 to 45 days
  • Commercial Sales/Purchases
  • Residential Transactions
  • Complete Review of Financial Statements of All Condo and Coop Purchases
  • Real Estate Litigation
  • And Much more…
  • Celebrating 16 Years in Business

Robert Aronov & Associates, PC has years of experience dealing with condominiums, coops, multi-family homes and commercial properties in Astoria. Our firm has successfully closed thousands of real estate transactions over the last years including multi-million dollar deals with the UN mission and some of the biggest real estate developers. You can learn more about our clients by clicking here. Our closing services are provided at unbeatable prices and the highest level of service. We handle everything from the drafting of the contract to the title searches to the final closing. Call now and set up a free consultation with the Astoria real estate lawyer you can count on.

Advice For Seeking a Real Estate Lawyer In Astoria


One of the biggest mistakes you can make is not getting a real estate lawyer when buying or selling a property. The process of buying and selling can be extremely frustrating and complicated — full of downfalls, including emotional, financial, and physical stress — especially if you make a costly mistake in your purchase.

Now one thing to remember is: real estate laws do vary state by state. That is why it is helpful to search out a professional who can help you understand the terminology; the different processes; and the plethora of paperwork needed to complete the sale or purchase.

In some states real estate lawyers are considered a legal agent of their client, where as in other states you have the option of whether or not to include an attorney in your purchase or sale.

In the states where a real estate lawyer is not required, a licensed broker and salesperson will fall into two separate categories: the first is a licensed salesperson or broker who acts with the full capacity of an agent that handles all negotiations along with managing any other transactions.

The second one is a transactional broker. Their primary purpose is to prepare the sales paperwork. Normally they won’t participate in any of the negotiations. Before you decide what kind of broker you want to use make sure you check your state and local laws to ensure you find the correct one.

In either case, you are entitled to be represented by a real estate lawyer if you so choose.

Another thing to remember is that there are some who CAN’T give legal advice. Usually those are basic salespeople and brokers who are NOT licensed attorneys and are not allowed to provide any legal advice pertaining to local and state laws. Now, what exactly would constitute legal advice?

Well, this is a tricky question to answer. But basically anything that would provide an answer to the question “what should i do?” would be considered legal counsel. Usually in this case, the firm that is representing you would be the one to provide any sound suggestions and/or recommendations.

So, what exactly can a “non-attorney” like a broker or realtor say when you are asking the question “what should I do?”. It is recommended that they provide multiple options. Their primary purpose is to tell the client what options are available to them and to give the pro’s and con’s of each option. They should NOT provide any strong advice for any of the options, instead they need to be showing the client the best available options.

Basically, your best bet is to hire a real estate lawyer. Especially if you are looking for someone that can assist you in making the final decision on your property. In areas like Astoria that have been experiencing a real boom in real estate it is advisable to do your homework before hiring anyone.  Also using an attorney during the purchase and sale decreases the need for having to deal with any unforeseen issues that usually will pop up after the purchase or sale is made. A good thing to remember though is real estate professions are in the top 5 for lawsuits in the US, right up there with physicians. An unhappy buyer or seller that expresses any dissatisfaction usually will resort to seeking compensation through a lawsuit.

Here are some very interesting homes for sale in the 11102 and 11106 areas. The one on 32-89 46th St Astoria, NY 11103 is a very common property for Astoria and prices pretty well. If you are looking for a good investment, the property in 25-34 36th street Astoria, NY 11105 is a good deal as it includes 8 units. To learn more about the neighborhood check out this Real Estate Video on the NY Times. The local real estate boom is due to the fact that a short 5 minute subway ride will put you in the heart of Manhattan. In addition, anyone driving can easily get into the city as Astoria is situated between the Queens-borough bridge and the Robert F. Kennedy bridge.

Astoria Real Estate Queensborough bridge


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